About Us

Legal Document Services is a low cost legal document preparation service. We professionally prepare all legal documents, file all documents with the appropriate court, and serve all parties necessary.  We offer competitive pricing and we stand behind every document we prepare. Legal Document Services is registered and bonded with a California surety Co. so all of our clients are protected. We’ve tried to make it as convenient for you as we can.  So if you are located  in either Los Angeles, Ventura or Santa Barbara counties we can meet with you to review your forms and obtain signatures. We have been serving these counties for the past 12 years. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (805) 298-3390,  and thank you for visiting our website.

We specialize in preparing the following documents:

1) Divorce or legal separation;
2) Child custody modification or paternity action;
3) Prenuptial agreements;
4) Child or spousal support;
5) Probate actions;
6) Living trusts, other trusts or wills;
7) LLC,  LLP or corporation;
8) Eviction issues;
9) Civil actions, small claims actions.

Although we don’t give any legal advice we’ll be happy to speak with you regarding our services. Once you let us know what you want to accomplish we can go from there. We make it easy for you to provide the information we need in some simple straightforward Information forms. Our prices are right at the top of each page so you don’t have to go hunting around for them. We make it easy to pay for our services with a “Buy Now” button. We have a 72 hour turnaround time whereby your forms will be sent to you (first class with a postage paid return envelope) for your signature. Once we receive your signed forms we will file them with the appropriate court within 48 hours. Therefore, your documents can be completed in as little as five days.

Click on the tabs above to get more information on our services, give us a call at (805) 298-3390 or email us at  legaldocumentservices@mail.com to get started. Thank you for visiting our website.

A Message From The Owner:

Hello, my name is Robert Lopez, and l began Legal Document Services as a means to provide a low cost legal document preparation service for those who don’t require a lawyer. Typically, a lawyer is needed when one needs representation in court or legal advice.   As you can imagine these services don’t come cheap.  Often times the services of a lawyer are not required, nor needed, because most of the documents that Legal Document Services provides are for procedures that don’t require court appearances, or legal advice. Also, keep in mind, when no court appearances or legal advice is required the benefit of hiring a lawyer is usually a waste of money. Ultimately, only you can decide whether you need the services of a lawyer, but for those who already know what they want to accomplish in court (i.e. file for divorce, need a trust or a will, want to create a business entity, want child or spousal support, want to modify custody, want to evict a tenant or respond to an eviction etc.) Legal Document Services can help and save you a considerable amount of money. I know you have choices when it comes to selecting a service like ours so I encourage you to do your research, and make an educated decision on the best company to serve your needs. Legal Document Services is not the only legal document preparation service, but I believe it’s one of the best. What sets us apart from most is the legal education we have attained along with experience we have. Below is some information about me that you may wish to consider when making your decision.

After graduating from UCLA in 1997 (received a BA degree) I attended TMC Law School in Michigan. In 2001 I received my Juris Doctor degree. While at law school, l worked with many people who needed to go through the court system but just did not know where to start, and most did not have the financial resources to hire a lawyer. Most of the people l assisted were not destitute but the cost of hiring a lawyer to handle their legal services was simply too expensive for them. As with many people this seems to be the case. It’s unfortunate that the cost to hire an attorney has become so out of reach for many of us. The good news is that more courts are requiring less appearances and relying more and more on specific document information to conclude many of the court procedures. I began to provide these services while in law school, and I continued providing them after graduating from law school while working for several California lawyers. I took this experience and began Legal Document Services, where we provide our clients with a professional service at a reasonable price. I’m happy to discuss with you an available legal solution to meet your needs, so please give me a call at (805) 298-3390, or email me at legaldocumentservices@mail.com. I Look forward to speaking with you and thank you for visiting my website.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Lopez